I am putting together usability standards for my organization.  In my research, I found some great resources that I wanted to share…

Usability Guidelines:

A guide for developing useful and usable web sites.  It includes usability basics, usability research methods and guidelines for user-centered design.


Web Standards Checklist:

A guide that can be used:

  • to show the breadth of web standards
  • as a handy tool for developers during the production phase of websites
  • as an aid for developers who are interested in moving towards web standards


Additional resources:

Jakob Neilsen, the guru of Usability and Web Design, shares his company’s research findings from many usability studies (1994-2010) http://www.useit.com/

Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy has a site at http://www.sensible.com/ – His books cover just about everything you need to know about web usability and how to test out if your sites actually are user-friendly.