Readability is fundamental

Readability is the ease in which text can be read and understood.  Making something “readable” isn’t just for the web, it is for any communication you are creating.  I am a total geek for this concept. One of my favorite parts of my work day is when I get to take some content and make it easier for the reader to digest.  Below are some helpful resources that I reference regularly…

  • is a site I use a lot to reference usability best practices.  This particular page is a great reference for understanding how  to write a page so it is “scannable”   
  • Believe it or not, there is a company out there that does “readability” for a living!… some good before and after samples here to show how readability improves a document or web page… they also have training classes.
  • The gurus, NNGroup, have a great study on how to make communications more readable…  they also have training classes.
  • A book or two that you might enjoy… my personal fav is Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think, which I have in my office if you want to borrow… but there are plenty of others.

Hope this is helpful!  Enjoy! 

A picture is worth 1,000 words…

And this infographic has about 1,000 words in it.  Give or take 500.  But they are in really cool fonts and stuff. 

Check out how non-profits used social media in 2012…

Make it snappy, Pappy.

Some great writing tips for dealing with the online reader’s tendancy to scan not read…

You don’t need those hipster glasses to look smart…

…just go to Usability Week.

Seriously.  You will walk out of this conference with a list of amazing ideas for your website (or your client’s website).

I have attended the Nielsen Norman Group Usability Week since 2009 and I always leave with a list of 10 quick fixes to make our websites easier to use and a much longer list of great ideas to implement later.

I love that what they teach is based on real, cumulative learnings from usability tests that they have conducted for their many clients around the world.  The guidelines they share at the conferences are tested and easy to implement.

So go.  Get ideas.  Learn.  And take off those glasses.  Except if you need them… then leave them on.  I don’t want you to get hurt.  That wouldn’t be smart.

“Where have you been?”…

…you might ask.  Or you may think something like, “your last post was June 2011, lame-o!”  Or you may not care at all.  Whatever you’re thinking… it’s ok because I have been in baby bliss.  Early last July I had another baby boy and it has been a wonderful time for our family.  He is cute and little and smells good and makes silly sounds and… did I mention cute?  He is 6 months old now so I am just now coming out of the infant fogginess…  so back to blogging about things other than poop and naps…  hope you find them useful!  ;)

Calling all techy non-profit types…

Check out this blog – full of info and links that you will find interesting…

Non-Profit Tech 2.0

Yo, PENCIL. Thanks! With love, Philadelphia

PENCIL is a non-profit in NYC that connects principals with leaders in business to improve public schools.   I love their charge of making public schools stronger.

PENCIL recently announced the expansion of its partnership program to Philadelphia with Philadelphia Academies Inc. (PAI).   Another great organization that helps kids in public schools succeed.   Two really impressive non-profits doing important work.  Good luck, guys!


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